when it comes to re-re-re-designing the Pokemo…

when it comes to re-re-re-designing the Pokemon you better try doing that after the Galar redesigns, you might carefully tread into the "hell loop" but you must escape that loop if more new Pokemon are officially revealed.

I explicitly said that wasn’t going to be a thing o . o

Just because I can point to some redesigns I can find some flaws in doesn’t mean I’m going to redo everything, that would be insane. I’m still satisfied with what I’ve come up with. The only one I said I’m considering touching up is Volbeat, and if I even do it’ll be like previous edits like Pikachu and Granbull which happen on my own time and not during daily time. 

If you’re scared I’m going to reboot the ENTIRE project over continuing then please, don’t worry. XD