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Pokemon Redesign #714-715 – Noibat, Noivern

Pokemon Redesign #714-715 – Noibat, Noivern


Just wanted to throw a thank you at everybody that’s thrown me a follow on my new Twitter! Things are going really slow over there and I barely understand how it works and I’m mainly focusing on a backlog of old work, but at some point I’ll be posting newer things and redesign related stuff as well. I’m really flattered some of you went over there and checked it out already. 

Also really flattered in general that people follow me over here as well! Out of all the websites I post on, peeps on Tumblr have been probably the most accepting overall and I really appreciate that. I actually got a bunch of new followers so that’s reassuring. Maybe on the 17th the whole website will implode on itself but for now I’m planning on staying here until the Ragnarok and I’m really happy people are still enjoying my stuff! 

I originally wanted to draw a “thank you” picture but things have been really hectic and uncertain right now so I wanted to say a quick thanks regardless for people being so kind to me and just for you being you and all that sappy stuff. It means a lot to me! UvU

Pokemon Redesign #712-713 – Bergmite, Avalugg

Pokemon Redesign #712-713 – Bergmite, Avalugg

OH MERCIFUL LORD!!!!😍😍😍😍 Im dead with your…

OH MERCIFUL LORD!!!!😍😍😍😍 Im dead with your pumpkaboo line!! You gotta atleast give a heads up next time i nearly fainted!

Jeez, thank you! I’m glad you liked them that much! C: It’s hard to predict these things yah know XD



Thank you! n_n

Feel free to ignore if this has been asked bef…

Feel free to ignore if this has been asked before but what weapon/build do you usually use in Monster Hunter? I tend to used gunlance as my main weapon with heavy bowgun and charge blade as my secondaries (I really like tanky type builds in games)

It hasn’t ever been asked so no worries! My 3 favourite weapons to use are Lance, Great Sword and Switch Axe. I like the huge. I usually end up using Lance the most because I think they’re a lot of fun and in most of the games I end up soloing through most of G-Rank so I like having the extra defensive options until I make a really buff armour set. c:

I love your redesign of pumpkaboo! I was just …

I love your redesign of pumpkaboo! I was just wondering if the cat part and the pumpkin part are supposed to be separate entities?

Thank you so much! I When I was drawing them I considered them conjoined but I’m fine with interpretation. c:

You’re recent phantump and trevenant art…

You’re recent phantump and trevenant artwork is amazing! I really love the trevenant look 💕 And phantump is cute too. I can’t wait to see pumpkaboo and gourgeist 🤩

Thank you, really glad you like’ em! Hope I didn’t disappoint! C:



i'm hyped for the great stag of yggdrasil…

i'm hyped for the great stag of yggdrasil Xerneas!, both the neutral mode and the active mode, also it's tree form when it sleeps for 1000 years.

I’m only doing one of those.