Author: Fire/Fight Dex

Hi! I woke up just to say this, respect is more important than any videogame ever
Making games is hard and takes time
Pokemon has more than 900 models to work on just for the pokemon we already know and their alternate forms
Just adding ONE animation to each one is an incredible amount of work
Fornite, for example, has only 200+ different skins, but THEY ALL SHARE THE SAME ANIMATIONS
Each pokemon is unique and that what makes the franchise what it is today, spending time on giving more love to them should be fantastic new, but nope, internet is like your smart uncle who knows about everything and thinks everything is so simple
Besides Gen 1 there was never another game where you could catch all of them and this was not going to be an exception
Do you have the complete pokedex? Fine! What do you want the natuonal dex for? You can keep them on Pokemon Home in your phone
You don’t have the whole dex? Well, you had 20 years and varios games where you can start your quest!
You sold your previous games? You have Pokemon Go!
You want to bring to SwSh the marvellous team that makes you win every tournament? Good news, you ca try new things
Masuda gave a lot to Pokemon and you want to fire him jus because

Well, I have news for you, you actually can

Sorry to say this, but I’m not back…

I really don’t know how but I never posted those three last pokemon I made and neither this drawing

This means that I never said thanks to all of you… So here it is:


To those who liked my drawings and also to all of those who hated them… And also to tumblr for censoring some of them.

This is not a goodbye, or at least it is not my intention for it to be. It’s just a “see you soon”, but I guess it’s not going to be very soon.

I really need time for me to grow professionaly and this was something that was holding me back. This was some training and I really notised evolution, but I need to focus in other things. I want to be 3D artist or animator (I didn’t figured this out yet) and that’s what I want to focus all my soul on rightnow.

But some day I’ll be back to finish this.

Heros come back

In the meanwhile you can find me on twitter where I’ll post some of my 3D works (it’s the only social network I’m using rightnow), but I tweet a lot of stupid things in spanish so I don’t really recomend this…

A big hug and thanks again to all of you

531 – Audino

530 – Excadrill

529 – Drillbur

528 – Swoobat

527 – Woobat

526 – Gigalith

525 – Boldore

524 – Roggenrola