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Fuzzy Takara Tomy Alolan Vulpix plush~

Cute and tiny Alolan Vulpix mascot plush

Bobble-head plastic Pokemon charms at Round 1

Cute and original Pokemon Center keychain charms at the Mega Tokyo Pokemon Center~

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1:1 (ish) sized Lillie’s Alolan Vulpix plush (and me!)

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Christmas time at the Mega Tokyo Pokemon Center

A super cute original Pokemon Center promotion called “Oteire Please” (Take care of me please!) will go on sale at most Pokemon Centers and Stores January 1st and the remaining Centers and Stores January 2nd.


The Pokemon Centers around Japan will be selling lucky bags again for 2018! Each bag will come with 1 of 3 possible sleeping mascot plush in a cute mini sized backpack.

Lucky bags cost 3,704 yen each. A special clothing lucky bag will be available exclusively through the on-line store.


Slightly weird hedge Pikachu mascot plush from the otherwise adorable Pokemon With You charity series

Dex metal charms for some Pokemon and their Alolan forms