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Y'know, it's so late in the games to do this, but I really hope they finally give the gen 2 starters megas. It doesn't seem right that they went straight from gen 1 to gen 3, but I can also see how those three pokemon might be hard to officially design megas for. I just have to sit here and hope they give my second pokemon region some love because they will never go for my first. (I went from pearl to heartgold, where's my gen 4 love at?)

Unfortunetly I think the Mega era is done now– I guess the next best hope is that they get Gigantamax forms. Maybe I’m completely off base but I feel like Gigantamax is probably the next iteration of Mega Evolution, kind of more designed around an advantage burst rather then a consistent advantage, at least from my understanding, since Gigantamaxing is a temporary form change rather then lasting until the battle is over. 

Gen. 3 getting Megas seemed more like a timing thing. I feel like our preception of how Pokemon games are made is pretty hazy, as even though the series has been kind of mocked for “routine” game design and pandering tactics, they seem to rattle things up in terms of mechanics and features pretty regularly when you look at the game on a deeper level. I’m saying this from a sort of neutral stand point cause there’s features that I’m glad are gone and other I really wish would come back from game-to-game, but I guess I’m trying to say its hard to know what to expect and I understand how it can be frustrating. 

I think all the other generations aside from 1 deserve way more love then they get, but I feel they also have to call it at some point on remaking games or else they’ll just loop around forever. I think Gen. 4 honestly would of been a good spot to and I don’t think its off the plate necessarily, like, Let’s Go just happened somewhat recently and that’s essentially a remake or a new take of the 1st games so they don’t seeeem like they’re done remaking stuff. It’s hard to say and it’s annoying but I guess just hold out hope I suppose. 

we now have more Gigantamax forms, it's fine and all but it's Gen 1 genwunner pandering again, doesn't GameFreak realize there are more generations than just Gen 1?.

It’s goofy but whatever, I think they’re cute, especially fat Pikachu and I really like the Butterfree one. It seems like a bunch of new guys also have some unique ones so I don’t think it will be so insular overall. You can kinda expect Pikachu/Charizard/Mewtwo to get some kinda special treatment nowadays as predictable as it is, nostalgia being a powerful weapon. 

I’m just hoping Blastoise and Venusaur get some love unlike the other times– if only Charizard is showing up in this game that would be kinda eye-rolly. I also think it would of been cooler if Leon’s signature Pokemon was a new Pokemon but at the end of the day I’ll live. 

Adding onto this just because I dunno I’m a weirdo: I do understand why this stuff happens aside from marketability. I consider myself a huge Digimon fan but I don’t keep up with every iteration or game so when I see Agumon, Gabumon, or Omnimon or whomstever I do in earnest get excited. So if there’s people like that with Pokemon who get hype for Charizard I’m definetly not shitting on you. XD

Honestly I had no idea what to expect when you said you were doing beta pokemon but I'm enjoying it so much and I really hope you are too!

Thank you so much! That’s really great to hear, honestly! I feel like feedback has kinda slowed because I think most people were just kinda confused or are more interested in canon Pokemon, which is perfectly fine but I kinda just do as I do and in the end I thought it was a lot of fun. C:

Gen. 1 Beta was very loose but that level of freedom with the information I had was really interesting to work with. I doubt a lot of those could even read as Pokemon but I think they fit within the context of my redesign project (compared to redesigns like Giratina or Zygarde I guess) and it was really neat to experiment on such a foundational level with them. 

So yeah, I’m really glad you like them and I’m liking them too! I think it’ll be fun digging into Gen. 2 Beta. n_n

Do you mind posting reference or images of what you’re redesigning for the prototype Pokémon?

I have and I will soon! 

You can see Batch 01, Batch 02, Batch 03 here and the final batch soon!

Links to references are in the text portion of the post. 

In retrospect I did it in an obtuse way so I understand if anybody was confused. I remember hearing that links to off-site messes up how your post appears in searches so that’s why I didn’t have individual links per ProtoPokemon but honestly I should of just done it because I don’t think it really mattered in the end. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I just found your redesigned Klefki and I’m weeping tears of joy, it’s so cute— Klefki is one of my favorite Pokémon just for being a cute little thing of keys- BUT AAAA YOUR REDESIGN MAKES EM SO MUCH MORE CUTE!!

Thank you so much! I’m flattered you like my take so much! UvU

Klefki’s wee face always reminded me of a little bear so thats what I did for my redesign. Kind of a like a little key-chain key-keeper. c:

𝙜𝙖𝙢𝙚𝙛𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙠 𝙝𝙞𝙍𝙀 𝙏𝙃𝙄𝙎 𝙏𝙐𝙍𝙏𝙇𝙀

One day one dream  

I hope everything is alright. And if not I hope it becomes alright soon. Good luck.

Thank you, I’m grateful for your kind words and support. UvU

I just wanted to tell you, your redesigns are so deeply unique and creative and just flat out amazing. Some, if not most, are on par with the canon designs in my opinion. I have gone through them all more than once just being amazed at how you recreate them to be completely different yet still recognizable. it's amazing

Thank you so much! I’m humbled, honestly. I’m very happy to hear you enjoy my work so much! The redesigns all together I feel like is a very important project to me and I’m happy so many people have found some enjoyment in it as I’ve been working on it. Your words mean a lot to me, thank you! UvU

Are you willing to draw that bidoof of every type thing or were you just bluffing

Well I never technically said I was gonna draw it, if anything I was putting it upon the Pokemon Company to do it as a joke. 

I never set anything in stone out but don’t expect it I guess? XD 

Since you’re from Canada, would you like to see a Canada inspired region? If so, what would you want the starters to be based on?

Yes that would be the best thing. 

What I would personally want is a Fire Snake because Garter Snakes are cute friends and it fits with the zodiac thing. Grass would be a big ass Moose Ent. Water would be a fluffy Husky because they love the snow I guess and puppers are great, generally I think a new water-based dog pokemon would be cute I think.

I tried to avoid a bear starter and beaver starter because I think that’s too on the nose, a moose is also on the nose but is too cool not to do. 

But speaking of beavers, this hypothetical region’s symbol needs to be the Bidoof and you can’t go 5 seconds without seeing a Bidoof and also the Bidoof’s of this region have a newly discovered super gene and can evolve into nearly any type similar to how an Eevee works, and each one has their own Z-Move and Mega Evolution, a mechanic previously cut but now only usable by Bidoofs. It will be the first Pokemon game without Pikachu anywhere at all in it and a Bidoof will also be forcefully given to the player in a big important cutscene with lots of fanfare and such, even though there is countless of them in every area.