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Rowlet doing (ง'̀-'́)ง

Rowlet doing (ง'̀-'́)ง

Rowlet but fast

how would you do Shaymin and its Sky Forme?, Shaymin is almost a copy of Celebi except it can’t time travel and it has the Sky Forme, however Shaymin’s name reminds me of Shamayin which means “Heavens” in hebrew, i guess it can be a nature-based deity.

It’s a secret– I can’t just tell you that would be no fun. XD

I always thought Shaymin was more flower based while Celebi was like, forests and time travel. Flowers and pollen and such are pretty important so I think Shaymin has some stuff going for it, I wouldn’t call it a copy since they seem to cover different things. I understand though since like, they’re both cute little green nature friendos that can fly. c:


about the upcoming Arceus redesign, you should look up space stuff since Arceus is older than time, they could be a part of the redesign, like Constellations, Black Holes, Supernovae, Galaxy Superclusters, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Cosmic Microwave Background, Quasars, Cosmic Strings, Quantum Fluctuations, Superstrings, the Multiverse, etc, i believe Arceus might have created the Ultra Space, so even the most powerful Ultra Beast would never stand a chance against God.

Would you be redesigning the different pokeballs? Or maybe just the basic pokeballs ?

I had no plans. If I decide to do trainer redesigns in the future it might come about as a result of that. c:

what are your opinions on Phione and Manaphy?, Manaphy is notable that it can breed, with its offspring being Phione, but Phione can’t evolve, so no one is sure if Phione remains a normal or mythical mon, both of them are based on Cliones or Sea Angels, but Manaphy is more special being the Prince of the Sea, there are gelatinous sea creatures a Manaphy redesign would use, like the Salps, Pyrosomes, Siphonophores, etc.

Yeah, I usually do a lot of research on the pokemon before I go at them with my redesign, so I’ve seen a bunch of the sea angel stuff, which is kinda cool. I don’t have many opinions on these two, honestly. I think they’re kinda cute. Manaphy had an awful movie and it looks like its trying a little tooooo hard to be cutsey, but it’s alright overall. I think Phione is much cuter. I don’t have too much attachment to Pokemon that were basically not in the game via marketing gimmicks since I never got any of them. 😛

to enhance the alienness or otherworldliness of the Gen 4 legendaries (especially the Creation Trio and Arceus) and further Gens, would you use different kinds of textures and insane amounts of detail like your Monster Hunter drawings?.

Probably not– I can only work on a daily for so long as to not consume my whole day since I have other obligations. Also I’d rather not make you guys wait for it if I can help it. 

Rowlet in one of the starter trainers’ clothes from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum? (Rip sinnoh remakes :,( )

Aaaaaaaaaah draw rowlet in a rainbow rocket uniform I’m still flipping outttttt