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OMG i never noticed Aerodaktyl having tinny arms, cute

very wee

which pokemon did you intentionally make look related?

There’s a good few of them I made to look intentionally related or take ques from other Pokemon as an intentional callback. I tried to pull them together and there’s quite a few so I guess I’ll just plunk’em here.

This list is more for noticeable visual links so I won’t include Regional Variants, all the Pikas, or every Pokemon that is a frog, cat, dog, etc. because that would be obvious that they would be related to some extent. This only being relevant to be Redesign Project obviously.

Pokemon Relatives

Charmander LineAerodactyl

Squirtle LineTirtouga Line

Ekans Line – Seviper

Cleffa LineGastly Line

Diglett LineFoongus Line

Drowzee LineMunna Line

Cubone Line – Kangaskhan

PinsirHeracrossKarrablast Line


Magikarp LineFeebas Line

Munchlax LineMakuhita Line


Spinarak LineJoltik Line

Aipom LineMeditite Line

Wynaut LineDarumaka Line

Ralts Line Gothita Line



Litten LineZeraora

Visual Ques

– the Voltorb line shares similarities with the Pikas and Ditto

– Masquerain uses defensive mimicry to resemble a Gyarados

– Vullaby is wearing the skull of a Krokorok and Madibuzz is wearing the skull and spine of a Bouffalant

the Binacle line and Doduo line share a lot of similarities through very extreme parallel evolution

the Clauncher line uses defensive mimicry to resemble the Carvanha line

– the figurehead on Dhelmise’s ship is carved to look like a Rapidash

Guzzlord is reminiscent to an alternate-reality Zygarde

Poipole is reminiscent to an alternate-reality Charmander


– Each Eeveelution has taken some influence from a Legendary Pokemon





Umbreon – Zekrom




Type: Null

Type: Null is made from an amalgam of other Pokemon parts

HeadChestShouldersWingsFront LegsBack LegsTail

Silvally of course is supposed to look somewhat reminiscent to Arceus

There might be some I overlooked and there will probably be more in the future but for now there you go c:

Your redesigns in a nutshell: Pokemon but really look like animals.


Just now noticing all the spiral motifs on the Gigantamax redesigns. That’s a fun detail

That’s probably just my art style honestly XD

That is one terrifying Giga Gengar and it's beautiful!

Thank you so much! n_n

I noticed that you haven’t tagged the Gigantamaxes at their normal form posts. Do you intend on doing it or just putting them in a Galar Pokémon section?

I’m gonna do it eventually, just been lazy/strapped for time after I upload but I’m probably gonna go back and add those links eventually.

When Mega Gengar was first released, I thought it had a tail similar to what you drew in your redesign and unfortunately it wasn't the case… Does it use it to grab and scratch opponents? Or is it a grapple? (Also I'm starting to think those wings are on purpose similar to the Redesigned Clefable's wings)

Both probably! And yes!


I have a few Pokemon that I intentially made related through visual indicators. c:

i just realized something while playing Spectrobes, there is Leopuba and Leozar, two Spectrobe creatures that remind me of Zacian and Zamazenta, Leozar even has an shield mane!, the legendary poke-wolves came out many years later, i love the Spectrobes and the mons.

They’re similar in the way that they have like, the nimble sharp one vs bigger bulky one dynamic but a lot of things have done that. 

They have a lot of overall aesthetic differences aside from that but both pairs look cool. c:

Hey, I don’t know if you care too much about the tagging system, and I really don’t want to be rude, but you forgot to tag “Guardian of Alola” tapu fini with Alola. Noticed this while scrolling through the tag, thought you might want to know.

Thanks! I do care about it and I fixed it now. c:

I don’t mind people bringing up these kind of things unless they’re being a bum about it or barking at me. You’re good friendo. 


To that one person who thinks designs are unfinished- I think the designs themselves are great, but some lines themselves look/feel unfinished. Dubwool, boltund, and perrserker without a Persian evolution all come to mind. Maybe an evo for falinks or a prevo for duraludon. Wish they had another evo or some more flare or an extra line

I don’t see anything wrong with Dubwool and Boltund but I mean it’s subjective so if that’s how you feel that’s how you feel. I think Galarian Meowth turning into Perrserker was a very intentional choice, like playing with the Meowth body shape rather then it turning into a vastly different body type like the original was a fun exploration of a fan favourite. 

I half agree with the others ones, I kinda think Falinks needs a Gigantamax because I feel like all the potential possibilities would be incredibly fun. I’m kind of torn on Duraludon because I like there being really rare Pokemon that are intentionally hard to find but at the same time they used them in a lot of promotional material so its weird that they kind of have such little presence outside of the Raihan fight. A prevolution wouldn’t be bad and it could help reinforce the parallel with Tyranitar. 

I know this ask is technically not for me but you’re going through my ask box so you’re getting my unwarrented opinion anyway. XD 

I guess I just find it weird out all the things we could critique about Sword and Shield its the Pokemon designs because honestly I thought they were excellent and probably the highlight of the game, like every new guy I saw I was like “Wow that’s so creative/cool/fun” but again, everything is subjective so I won’t tell anybody how to feel. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯