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Surprise! It’s been a while!!! ^^u

I’m still working on some things I have to finish, but I’m joining to this day of joy and consumerism (thanks, google translator)

So, for those of you having doubts about adquiring or not the Artbooks, I have this special offer for you!

The pack with the two hundred and fifty one pokemon for just 15€!!!
That’s a 25% discount!

And not only that, I’ve been doing some Sleeping Pokemon drawins that are coming in badge form! But only as a gift for this pack! There are 15 different! (Maybe more by the end of the weekend)

So, are you interested in this amazing offer? Follow this link:

You have untill the end of the Cyber Monday to make up your mind!!!

Book 2 finally arrived!!! ToT
I’ll start the shippings asap!

But I have something to say first
I’v been keeping a surprise in secret, but I have to say it…

In the first 100 copies of the Gen I book there was a Shiny Charizard!!!

And, in the Gen II first 100 copies there’s a Shiny Umbreon waiting for a home!

I’m planing on doing a new shiny for every 100 new copies of every book.
Which pokemon could be the second Shiny of the first Gen? 

Remember that you can still get a copy in the following link:

GEN I book:

Only a few left from the first round!
Did yours already arrive? Tell me if everything is ok or if there’s anything I need to fix ^^

‪Last day for the Pre-purchase offer!‬

First 20 copies have been shipped!!! I’ll make the next shippment this monday!
This one will be the last shippement with the pre-purchase offer, so hurry up!

The book is here!!! 😃
I’ll start today with the shipments
I’ll keep the “pre-purchase” price this week, so hurry up!

The GEN I Book not yet, but almost. You can pre-purchase it here!

The price for the pre-purchase is 8€ + shipping costs, but the final price is going to be 10€ (+ shipping costs)

I’m making the final fixes because I want to send it to print on monday, so I have the weekend for that 🙂

Here is a preview of the book, same images you can see in the store

Would you be interested in this artbook?
All Gen 1 Fire/Fighting pokemon drawings
I’ve been doing some calcs and it should cost around 8€ + shipping costs
What are your thoughts?