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New Fakemon/Pokesona I made based on a good friend ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Some Fakemon/Pokesonas I made based on some friends ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Old commission for Elite Linnie on Deviantart! n_n

She requested a Scorbunny along side a Dedenne and a Sylveon but that the latter 2 be in my redesign style. c:

Kulu-Ya-Ku – The Bird-Brained Bandit 


Family Portrait

Eyes of Sunlight

“It is always in times of great strife when thieves look to meddle in the lives of the meek or the wounded. Descending from holy lands in earthly disguises are the Eyes of Sunlight, looking to purge mortal sickness, letting Niraya overflow with the souls of the wicked.

Dawn cuts through the wind like a dragonfly, her prey humbled before they realize they’ve been struck. Midday peers through the spaces between trees, whispering to hungry ghosts and beasts who would fit their bellies. Dusk stands proud and stark as the Moon, any who would turn toward them crushed under his pale gleam.

It is always in times of great strife that we must come together and do good deeds, as to not find yourself under the gaze of the Eyes of Sunlight.”

Some Fakemon/Pokesonas I made based on some friends ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Lagiacrus – Lord of the Sea

Available on Redbubble!

Heya! Dailies are gonna be starting up again tomorrow! 

My next project until Pokemon Sword and Shield is out and I’m familiar with all the new guys is gonna be redesigning prototype Pokemon to fit in with my original redesigned Pokemon! These are Pokemon that never made it to a final game. 

I’ll be starting with the mishmash of loose ideas for the first games and then go to the more formal Spaceworld Demo. A lot of these Pokemon have very little info to go off of so I’ll be coming up with things like types, abilities, move sets and even names for some of them to help flesh them out conceptually.

A lot of what I’ll be doing is highly speculative and interpretative! I in no way claim that I know the original creators intentions. This is all just for fun with a heavy dose of artistic license because I love Pokemon and find this kinda stuff fascinating. 

Big big thanks to Helix Chamber for unearthing a lot of the info I’ll be basing my designs off of as well as to groups like Team Spaceworld for making the Gold/Silver demo info concise and understandable and everyone who helped find and archive this hidden Pokemon history! 

I think this project is gonna be a lot of fun and I hope you guys enjoy!


The Sun Spider

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