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Just to assuage that last Anon's fears, Serebii says that CoroCoro has promised Sword and Shield news on June 21st (which will likely get preempted by E3 anyways)! So no need to worry, we're totally confirmed to get Pokemon updates next month at the latest.

Awesome! Thanks for the info! C:

I’m also hungry for that Sword and Shield news and it has been a good bit since we saw the starters, but it sounds like info is on the horizon!  

Thank you so much! I’m glad you guys enjoyed Mimikyu! c:

It wasn’t inspired by that really, but I guess its the same general premise– I just thought it would be a funny image to look over and catch it scurrying away on way too many legs. XD

I feel like a lot of the Megas are absolute units so far– we’re gonna need some kind of huge-off to decide who is the most absolute at this rate. XD

Thank you so much! Happy you guys like’ em so much! n__n

I wanted to keep them cute since their original designs seem very endearing and silly to me despite the fact they’re whole shtick is that they’re irritable and overly violent. XD

Like, look at them, they do a giggly squee dance when they’re happy. 

Oh thank you so much! That’s overly kind of you. I’m happy to hear when my art gets shared around if people like my stuff enough to show others. I’m flattered and thank you so much for the kind words, I really appreciate them and I’ll keep trying my best! UvU

Thank you so much! I know the Litwick line was a long time coming for a lot of people so I’m incredibly thankfully people kept with me this long! Thank you for the kind words! n____n

Happy you like’ em so much! It was hard coming up with an idear for big snow face but I’m happy with how it turned out all things considered. c:

The reason I swapped their colours is because the original colour schemes aside from the multi-coloured wee hands kind of reminded me of copper and how it turns a very specific green colour as it goes through oxidation over time. I don’t think they’re made of copper but I felt like it would be neat to use to show a sort of aging process– kind of like Elgyem is newer and just got to the planet and as they experience the new world around them the oxygen rich atmosphere affects their skin and it changes colour over time. c:

I see that the Mystery Boyfriend/Future Son arc is still in full force. I hope we get the answer one day– there’s way too much filler between chapters. That being said, yes, they are Totoro-inspired. In fact I have already done a few low-key Totoros before this, and even another Ghibli Reference before them (yes I am a hack), but this one is the most obvious one. 

My initial idea was literal dust bunnies, but my sister thought of the idea of making them more like Totoro, the idea of them having a raggedy old umbrella being too adorable for me to ignore. I’d say Trubbish is more along the lines of just being a dust bunny, but Garbador is supposed to be a Totoro reference, yes. I thought a banana peel on the head instead of a leaf may be a bit too obvious so I decided for a pumpkin because I thought it would make for a cute hat. 

So, in short, my versions are less trash piles and more like big dust bunnies with stale food stuck in them– still gross but not as slimy. c:

Thank you all so much! It’s kinda funny because that wasn’t intentional at all, I was just picking colours I liked but felt close enough. Black and White Pokemon are the ones I know the least about so I wasn’t aware until I posted it and people told me XD

The clothing isn’t based on anything particular other then their already baggy clothing motif they already have. The club with the nails in it is somewhat of a trope in Japanese media for thug/delinquent culture so I went for that to emphasize their hoodlum nature. c: