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Hello peeps, hope everyone is as well as can be, and thank you for indulging my weird Gen. 1 Beta/Fakemon thing. It was definetly something that happened (I had fun anyway).

Tomorrow I’m gonna start on the Gen. 2 Beta which I think will be a lot of fun, which hopefully you guys will enjoy/tolerate as well! Gen. 1 Beta was very scrappy info-wise so I tried my best to come up with meta info to help give you guys an idea of how I imagined they would interact with the world and with other Pokemon, but since Gen. 2 Beta is much more defined I’m going to be leaving that info up to interpretation for those who care to do so. (No more “keep reading” links and walls of nerd text).

I will be changing the names of a few Pokemon to help give them a bit more of an identity for the sake of my redesign project, so again, sorry not sorry to purists!

What I will be doing:

  • Redesiging cut Pokemon who didn’t make it to the main game 
  • Redesiging canon Pokemon with altered appearences 
  • Redesiging canon Pokemon with altered types 
  • Redesiging canon Pokemon with altered names but the same appearence will be case-by-case

What I won’t be doing:

  • Redesiging literally all of them because some Pokemon were unchanged between Beta and release (Natu, Donphan, Steelix, Ho-Oh, etc.)

I know Sword and Shield is around the corner but I figure this would be a fun way to kill time, and also I want time for myself and you guys to get familiarized with the Galar Region as well all the new Pokemon. I think the redesigns will feel more effective if we give the game some breathing room rather than tackling it immedietly. If Gen. 2 Beta is dragging for too long though I’ll put it on pause and we can return to it after Gen. 8 is done. 

If you want some more info on Gen. 2 Beta check out the archive on The Cutting Room Floor!  From my understanding they were the ones who found out all this info as well as gave the Pokemon names based off what they translated so I’m very thankful they have this info out there. 

Also a thanks to AnbuWeegee on reddit for sharing this nice infographic!

New Fakemon/Pokesona I made based on a good friend ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Some Fakemon/Pokesonas I made based on some friends ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Old commission for @noxith-sky!

I gave it to them a long time ago but I never posted it here. (;・∀・) 

I really like how it turned out I’m just slooow (hence the name)

Old commission for Elite Linnie on Deviantart! n_n

She requested a Scorbunny along side a Dedenne and a Sylveon but that the latter 2 be in my redesign style. c:


Family Portrait

Eyes of Sunlight

“It is always in times of great strife when thieves look to meddle in the lives of the meek or the wounded. Descending from holy lands in earthly disguises are the Eyes of Sunlight, looking to purge mortal sickness, letting Niraya overflow with the souls of the wicked.

Dawn cuts through the wind like a dragonfly, her prey humbled before they realize they’ve been struck. Midday peers through the spaces between trees, whispering to hungry ghosts and beasts who would fit their bellies. Dusk stands proud and stark as the Moon, any who would turn toward them crushed under his pale gleam.

It is always in times of great strife that we must come together and do good deeds, as to not find yourself under the gaze of the Eyes of Sunlight.”

Some Fakemon/Pokesonas I made based on some friends ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Hello peeps, this is very uncharacteristic of me and I’m doing it for no good reason but I just wanted to say hiya since despite posting literally everyday I feel like I’ve been kind of distant. 

Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for everyone who actively follows my work and are invested in my dumbo projects. I see most comments (I think) in replies, reblogs, and tags, and I appreciate people taking the time to look and write about my stuff. I’m still flattered that anyone cares what I do on here and all the other places I post my work.

I feel like Tumblr’s changed a lot since the purge and my feed is definitely a lot more barren than it used to be. With how all these websites are fixing stuff that ain’t broke, I really wish there was a safe haven for both artists and viewers alike that wasn’t so wishywashy or unpredictable. That being said, my ass is firmly planted on this website and I’m still very happy people here enjoy my work!

So yeah, wanted to say you’re all rad, and anyone who’s out there trying to make or do their own thing regardless of how chaotic everything is right now, keep on doin’ you. 

Also if you wanna see some cool shit, I would recommend following @goat13, @jboh-art, and @cortoonyart. Their art is very unapologetically their own thing and they’re among some of my favourite artists on the interwebs. I don’t got many mutuals but I see your stuff and you’re doing great!

I dunno why I made this, don’t think anyone particularly cares but yeah, stuff, things. Cool cool. 

Heya! Dailies are gonna be starting up again tomorrow! 

My next project until Pokemon Sword and Shield is out and I’m familiar with all the new guys is gonna be redesigning prototype Pokemon to fit in with my original redesigned Pokemon! These are Pokemon that never made it to a final game. 

I’ll be starting with the mishmash of loose ideas for the first games and then go to the more formal Spaceworld Demo. A lot of these Pokemon have very little info to go off of so I’ll be coming up with things like types, abilities, move sets and even names for some of them to help flesh them out conceptually.

A lot of what I’ll be doing is highly speculative and interpretative! I in no way claim that I know the original creators intentions. This is all just for fun with a heavy dose of artistic license because I love Pokemon and find this kinda stuff fascinating. 

Big big thanks to Helix Chamber for unearthing a lot of the info I’ll be basing my designs off of as well as to groups like Team Spaceworld for making the Gold/Silver demo info concise and understandable and everyone who helped find and archive this hidden Pokemon history! 

I think this project is gonna be a lot of fun and I hope you guys enjoy!