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Rowlet feels insecure about having to fight a Decidueye so he dress up as one… but his outfit is too tight to fly…

someone pls protect this borb

Pokemon Redesign #722-723-724 – Rowlet, Dartrix, Decidueye



A new bonus for Pokémon Bank users: everyone who signs up or
has already registered for Pokémon Bank can receive a Decidueye, Incineroar,
and Primarina with their Hidden Abilities! This is your first chance to get
these special Pokémon:

Decidueye but rowlet sized

rowlet celebrating Christmas with the whole family

My best friend's dad is not doing so good health wise, can you maybe draw Rowlet and Decidueye hugging for him?

New Pokemon With You charity badges on sale in Japan December 23rd~


i see your anime tiddy mousepads and raise you this: