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wait to dive into the holidays? Neither can we!

US Trainers, there’s something
for everyone on your list at the Pokémon Center (including Pokémon: Let’s Go,
and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!):

It’s beginning to look a lot like…Pikachu?!

Get ready to deck the halls, US Trainers—the new Pikachu Holiday collection at the Pokémon Center has all the adorable decorations and festive goodies you need to kick off your holiday season:

Halloween will be here before you know it, US Trainers!

Get ready to get spooky with these ghostly goodies from the Pokémon Center:

S.S. Anne is known for its luxury cruises that span the world of Pokémon. You
don’t need a ticket to bring home a piece of Kanto history with this original
poster from the Pokémon Center, US Trainers!

Bewear, US Trainers! Pikachu and friends are sporting spooky costumes in the (adorably) creepy Eerie Delights collection of plush, key chains, pins, and Pokémon TCG playmats at the Pokémon Center

your summer in style with the Destination Pokémon collection from the Pokémon
, US Trainers!

Skull Grunts, your time is now! The Pokémon Center has everything you need to
rock the Team Skull style:

Yep, it’s your boy Guzma!
Stand out as
the leader of Team Skull with this iconic Team Skull Guzma hoodie from
the Pokémon Center:

Yo, yo, yo! Team Skull’s
comin’ at ya!
Get the Team Skull look with this new collection from the Pokémon
Center, US Trainers:

For Trainers about to start a new adventure, celebrate
with these Graduate Pikachu Pokémon Pins from the Pokémon Center!