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“Treat” just isn’t an option when Mimikyu’s around!

Happy Pokémon Halloween, Trainers!

Spooky Pokémon fact:

Should a strange light be seen flickering in an abandoned building, a Gastly might be lurking there!

Halloween will be here before you know it, US Trainers!

Get ready to get spooky with these ghostly goodies from the Pokémon Center:

Spooky Pokémon fact:

When Cubone cry, the skulls they wear emit a hollow, rattling sound.

For some Trainers, Halloween is all about tricks, but for others…it’s all about treats!

If you’re on Team Treat this year, you definitely need to carve an awesome pumpkin.

Looking for Pokémon-themed inspiration? We’ve got you covered:

Spooky Pokémon fact:

Misdreavus love to scare people with their creepy, sobbing cries. They soak up fear with the red orbs around their neck and use it as food!

Halloween isn’t all about candy, Trainers—some Pokémon prefer to play tricks! 



Represent Team Trick with these Pokémon-themed pumpkin stencils, and use #PokemonHalloween on Twitter and Instagram to show us what you’ve carved:

You know those awful places that your parents warn you not to visit? The ones filled with ghosts and other creepy things?

Well, Trainers, we’re about to explore them!

Join us as we visit 13 of the spookiest Pokémon locales around!

Pokémon Halloween is coming, Trainers!

Which are you most looking forward to: playing tricks with Pokémon like Gengar, or eating treats with Pokémon like Chespin?

Tell us which side you’re on: Team Trick or Team Treat!

Halloween, Trainers!
These spooky Pokémon are ready to celebrate. Don’t forget
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