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I feel for this villain grunt NPC

Here’s a helpful guide showing all the free characters you can unlock in Pokemon Masters!

Pokemon Masters – Releasing Summer 2019

Trailer for the new mobile game Pokemon Masters!

Here’s a round up of some details for Pokemon Masters, the new Pokemon mobile game

  • Sugimori stated that “it will contain all of the past and present trainers from the video games.”
  • Will most likely be a ‘gacha’ game, meaning you spend in-game currency, or money, for a chance to obtain a character at close to random.
  • Each trainer is linked to a specific Pokemon that they are summoned with
  • Battles are fought with teams of 3 Trainer/Pokemon duos.
  • Battle system is less complex than the original games. Pokemon can attack, use a potion, and a special move in battle.
  • Trainers are shown to have dialogue as well as voice acting.
  • Will be released sometime in 2019.