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Great Hydreigon !!! making it cute instead of terrifying is an odd but awesome choice

Thank you so much! Happy you like’ em! They look cute to me XD

I get that the Pokemon art style is really cartoony but I understand when they’re going for an intimidating design like Tyranitar or Nidoking but to me the Deino line just look really cute–  the first 2 stages with the fur over the eyes reminds me of Alpacas, and then Hydreigon looks all wiggly and goofy XD 

That’s the vibe I get anyway– I definetly like them a lot and I get the other direction where they’re supposed to be really broody and moody. In an alternate universe I probably made the design more like a hulking mound of fur, heads and tendrils or whatever, but I kinda channeled that vibe with my Madibuzz kinda recently anyway. c:

Great job !!!! I like how you gave some pokemon a humanoid form like KlingKlang and Cryognal. You a fan of robots ?

Thanks! I do happen to like a lot of things with robots in them but I don’t go outta my way for robot-based media. c:

KLINKLANG !!!! I LOVE IT. It looks similiar though to an upcoming pokemon on the dex XD

Glad you like’ em! n_n

Escalavier is cute. And So is Amungoos

Thank you! Happy you like’ em! I’m happy how my Escalavier turned out. C:

Thank you all so much! It’s kinda funny because that wasn’t intentional at all, I was just picking colours I liked but felt close enough. Black and White Pokemon are the ones I know the least about so I wasn’t aware until I posted it and people told me XD

The clothing isn’t based on anything particular other then their already baggy clothing motif they already have. The club with the nails in it is somewhat of a trope in Japanese media for thug/delinquent culture so I went for that to emphasize their hoodlum nature. c: 

Gosh you keep rocking those gen 5 designs !!! Awesome job also ehh Nophazel reminds me of Devil Man a bit

Thank you so much! Gen. 5 is the gen. I’m least familiar with since I missed those games but I’ve been having a really good time so far. There’s a lot of really fun stuff to work with. c:

From one of my more recent works I can’t deny that Devilman has not been on my mind, but honestly like I said in the Nophazael post I’ve had the basis of the idea in my brain for a couple years now. Maybe it influenced the final result somehow but I can’t say. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thank you guys so much! Like the top lovely anon said, I went for a Sleipnir-based design, Sleipnir being the 8-legged horse ridden by Odin in Norse mythology. c:

I thought a zebra Sleipnir would be a neat twist on the formula. Sleipnir is supposed to be a big, mighty animal that can ride through the air so the electric type made that feel appropriate, to me anyway.

I love the Patrat its smol and adorbs !!! And you made me actually want Liepard now.

Happy you like’em ahehe!

OOOOOH I LOVE THAT SAMUROTT. Also that OC is really really cool !!! you gonna draw more of her cause its a really unique design

Thank you so much! Happy you enjoyed them! n_n

I’m not entirely sure. I think most people just did it as a character design exercise so I’m not sure where the standing point is for a sort of amalgam character. I did enjoy drawing her a lot though so we’ll have to see I guess. c:

There’s some blogs that are really good about having like a on-going OCs with lots of doodles and stuff like that but I haven’t tried really, maybe one day though! XD

Oh man your designs are just getting better and better. Unova is next !!! This is gonna be gooooood

Thank you so much! I do feel like things are going more and more off the rails but that’s how I’d want it honestly. I’m looking forward to Unova this new year! Hope everyone is ready to be kids in America, or something.