Me, when Cosmo started the beta series: You need some rest! / Me, now Cosmo is taking a break: I hope you have a good time off and get some much deserved you time.

Thank you so much! I appreciate how supportive people have been! UvU

Hello everyone, hope you’re okay as can be!

I wanted to say thank you for putting up with my Proto + Beta Pokemon series– I know it was kinda confusing but I had fun. Part of me is really excited to get back into the canon Pokemon series, but there is another part of it I’m still trying to deal with.

Last year was probably the hardest year of my life and I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff. I already deal with severe anxiety on a normal basis and lately it’s been biting into me hard. I want to start Gen. 8 but I also feel like I need a bit of time away from the daily formula to feel comfortable tackling it and putting in the effort I feel it deserves.

I’m going to be taking a week off of daily drawings and come back to it next Saturday, hopefully feeling refreshed. I’m still working on other stuff but sometimes I need a brief pause on the more strict schedule.

I’m really really looking forward to Gen. 8 and I hope you guys are too, and I hope you understand where I’m coming from. See you all soon and hope you’re feeling okay and lovely and stuff. See you next Saturday!


can't wait for Snom, they are the cutest ice bugs in the entire universe!, even the name is super cute, it's like those jewel caterpillars from the Amazon rainforest that must be protected.

Ye Snom is very much a winner– very very cute. C:

It might just be me but I feel like I’ve seen more art of Snom then all the other new Pokemon put together. XD

Did you consciously design proto sneasel with some MH routes? It reminds me of the mizutsune (think that's the name? Purple bubbly fox dragon?). But also super cute and a friend for sure!

I did not consciously but I was trying to invoke a similar fox-like slinkiness, and I do see it now with the pink and the extra long claw on the front feet.

There is something more consciously Mizutsune coming up soonish though. c:


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BetaPokemon #80 – Proto Leafeon

Redesign for an early version of Leafeon, showing up as a concept far before Generation 4. 

Type: Grass


BetaPokemon #79 – Tael

Type: Normal




Pokemon Redesign #001-002-003 – Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur

Mega Evolution

@cosmopoliturtle a piece of writing i did because i always feel inspired by your art.

Bulbasaur – The Seed of Wanderlust

Since ancient times, this creature has been walking the world, living in harmony with the wild overgrowth around it. It’s never one for resting and is an often companion to travelers. Thus, this creature has since been a symbol for travelers, both weary and wet behind the ears. A staunch defender for untouched pieces of land, it can be wary against thieves and treasure hunters. 

Ivysaur – The Seed of Curiosity

An older, more wizened creature compared to its younger counterpart. While still very fond of travelers, it’s more drawn to its favored locations. It can be especially protective of its favored. Never doubt its compassion towards living things, the kindness in its eyes speaks all for what it would do for those it cares about.

Venusaur – The Seed of Discovery

Known as the protector of ancient citadels, this creature has several statues and art depicting it as a guardian of civilizations. A pillar of strength and defender of nature, it is a great being that will go to great lengths for what it loves. Those who go against it often regret and you must pay heed to those tales whenever you encounter this being. 

Ooooh this is super cool! Thank you so much for sharing and thank you for the kind words. UvU

Hearing other people are inspired by my stuff always blows my mind and seeing it through illustrations and writing is both very very cool! C:

BetaPokemon #78 – Proto Sneasel

Redesign of an early version of Sneasel.

Type: Dark